Products I Recommend

Biggest discount items listed first!

BURST Toothbrush click here

BURST still has the best discounts.

Water Pick –™ They have a shower one or a sink adapter one = less mess

No Current Specials – full retail.

Stimudents™ are little wooden swords that help to remove food particles.

These come in regular and thin, easy to carry and light mint flavor!
Coconut  whitening strips , teeth whitening , get yours today!  Keep smiling with white teeth!
Whitening strips that taste good and work!
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Floss picks- any kind that works for you- tip keep level to prevent gum cuts.

I like ones built LIKE DenTek™ these have a built in gum brush and food picker as well – multi tool.

There are many dry mouth aids on the market, most don’t taste very good and are expensive. If you need a good dry mouth aid consider Basic Bites™.

Basic bites

Cheese- Cheddar, Colby… etc any that get soft and goop like when you chew it. Yes Baby Bell™ is included in that list.

PS- cheese is cheaper and is a real food! The science of cheese is awesome when it comes to the mouth.

How does BURST gifting work?

Christmas is coming give the gift of good oral care
BURST Gift pack, give the gift that they will love anytime of the year.

BURST has a gift pack that allows you to buy their brush plus 3 replacement heads as a gift. The price for the brush is $39.99 and the brushes are 6$ each. This is a package that they sell for $57. 99.

The benefit of doing this is the recipient gets the brush with the first head and a gift card for 3 more heads. They set up their own subscription in their name and become independent from the gift you sent them.

You can give an amazing gift and since it is subscription they will take over the cost of just the replacement heads after they get to use it for a year! Now that’s worth sharing.