3 Simple Tricks To Improve Short And Longterm Memory Recall Of Important Information.

Do you need to remember important facts, figures and recall them quickly? This is an easy way to remember even the most boring facts very quickly. Make a simple Game out of the details and you will win every time.

When you are in a meeting and feel your mind drifting, simply pull yourself back to present and relate anything being said to your own life.

You have the ability to organize facts and figures for easy recall in your mind. You just have to decide how you want to file it in that amazing brain of yours.

Say your meeting someone and their name is …… BOB. You would simply remember the time that you were bobbing in the pool, bobbing for apples, or made your head bob to a song. This is a simple trick that relates a persons name to something personal to you, which is stored in your long term memory which is easy to recall when you need to.

If you need to remember number quickly an easy way is to think back to when you had a code to get into your house or locker or any other locked item. If someone tells you to remember for example Jenny’s phone number take the numbers in the phone number and arrange them in a key pad configuration in your head and practice pushing the buttons on the key pad in your mind for a minute or two. The next time you need them simply think of the keypad in your mind and they will come to you. I sometimes will put a familiar song that I like to the numbers as well for easier recall.

I am a hygienist and I see people every 6 months typically. I associate a lot of things patients tell me and am able to easily recall them 6 month later. Most people make notes in your chart and while that is helpful I was once told “if it’s not worth remembering on your own was it even worth remembering?” This is when I starting challenging my mind to remember things longer and without notes.

For me I am a visual learner so I ask to see photos of the family vacation and of the new pet to the family, When they return in 6 months I bring them back to where they were when they showed me their photos and yes the information floods back into my mind.

There is a game of memory, you walk into a room and visualize everything there for 2 minutes then leave the room and write down everything you can remember. You return into room and see how many things you got right. It’s a simple game of memory and the more you practice the more your brain will be able to organize items for easy recall.

Good luck, enjoy and most of all make it a game and fun and you will have more success, we all like to play.