4 Ways To Freshen Your Breath Now!

Wether it is your first kiss, or you have been together forever, you valentines date will appreciate the effort!

Tip 1. If you are eating out try to eat the same things as your partner, this is a simple trick that fools the nose especially when you are close.

Tip 2. Brush your teeth for two minutes with a fresh tasting toothpaste, follow it up by (gently) brushing your gums, inside your cheeks and even your tongue.

Tip 3. Flossing helps to freshen the breath, it helps if you floss before brushing as it allows the toothpaste to get in between your teeth better.

Tip 4. Avoid alcohol based mouthwashes; the alcohol is drying and can make bad breath worse shortly after using.

Happy Valentines Day wishes and maybe kisses.

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