Cheese, your teeth like it do you? Cheese fighting cavities!

Cheese is a neutral PH food, it increases the amount of saliva you produce when you chew it for longer.

It also provides up to 200 mg of calcium per each ounce with direct contact to your enamel for use in Remineralisation.

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Cheese cheese and cheese

Cheese is the ONLY dairy that appears to be possibly an anti-cavity. More research is being done to find out if it is leaving a protective enzyme around our teeth aiding in the prevention of tooth decay- sooo cool.

By chewing cheese you stimulate your saliva glands to produce more spit, this is your body’s natural way to fight cavities and gum disease, the saliva takes about 20 minutes to fight the acidity of what you put in your mouth.

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The correct way to chew cheese? After acidic food or drinks take 3-5 small squares and spend 2-3 minutes chewing them into your teeth, you want the cheese to get nice and gooey in texture.

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