4 Ways Dental Insurance May Not Be Helping You.

1- How much are your premiums for dental care costing you?

If you are a healthy individual that only needs two cleaning and exams per year and x-rays once a year then insurance may not be to your benefit. Take the cost of your monthly premiums times it by 12 months and get a total.

Then call your dental office and have them quote you their normal office fees for the items listed above. If you are paying more to your premiums then you are not getting a discount.

2- Do you need work done only to find out that they have given you only $1000 of benefits to work with? In the 70’s the premiums were much lower and most plans helped you with $2000- $2500 worth of care and covered a lot more of your treatment, many items at 100%. Make sure you pick a plan that will match your needs.

3- Dental insurance will now be a third party dictating your treatment, for example you want a white filling in the back of your mouth instead of a silver one, did you know that insurance can call this a cosmetic need and make you pay the price difference between the white one and the silver?

Did you also know that they can pay less than originally estimated and the responsibility becomes yours?

4- Say you grind your teeth and a guard is recommended?

While more insurances are seeing the long term benefits of prevention a lot are still denying this preventative appliance, leaving you with the full fee suggesting that you are responsible for your treatment needs financially if that’s the case then how is it helping if you are paying full fees?

If you don’t get the recommended guard you risk breaking a tooth, needing a root canal that also will need a crown on top or possibly a tooth extraction and an implant.

These items are thousands of dollars that they will help with usually at 50% but they could have covered the guard and helped you to prevent further issues, time missed from work and the patients favorite time in the chair.

I am about prevention and saving money.

While there are some benefits to insurance you also need to see why you need to help dictate your treatment and consider dental insurance a supplement vs what it was years ago when they covered care more inclusively.

Additional info – over my years I have watched people put off care because their insurance won’t cover it.

While I understand finances as well I also see those same patients having to pay thousands of dollars in dentures, implants, crowns, root canals and expensive deep cleanings.

My advise to you is get a check up find out what your needs are and talk to the dentist and front desk about how to get to an end goal that will be okay with your financial sector and your wellness and health. Not to mention save you time in our chair.

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