3 Things to Know About Your Dental Insurance Before Going To The Dentist.

#1. Social security number,

Why does my dentists office need this. They don’t in many cases but it is usually a unique ID that your insurance gives your plan.

You can contact your insurance plan and they will be able to provide you with a different number that the dental office can use as a unique identifier for you and your insurance company correspondence.

#2. In network/ Out of network,

Maybe you have been seeing the same dentist for your whole life, you get a new plan and show up assuming everything will be paid for as usual and then get a surprise as they tell you that you owe!

A way to know is to contact your new plan and make sure that the dentist is an in network provider for you, if not then you need to decide is it worth the cost to keep the same providers or does your insurance require you to use one that is in network for your maximum benefits. Find out with your insurance what the different costs for you will be.

Not all Delta or Cigna etc etc plans are created equal and not all dentist offices take all plans. There are literally thousands of plans out there.

Most of the times Human Resources for the company you work for can also provide insight as they are the ones that usually pick what the majority of the needs for the company dental plan will include.

#3. Deductibles and Co-payments

These are a fee that the insurance company has deemed that you will pay to the dentists office prior to being able to use most of the features of your plan, they are normally $50 but can be higher. Knowing this before you go in will save you the surprise of the office collecting the money the same day. Your insurance will also most likely require a co-payment, this is when you have treatment like a filling done and the insurance will only cover 80% of the filling (or whatever tier your plan is). It is the patients responsibility to pay the estimated other 20% at the time of service.

Additional advise that may help

Most offices will only quote you an estimate because insurance may cover less and that is also the patients responsibility.

The plan you bring to the dental office is a contract between you and the insurance company, the dental office may file claims on your behalf however the insurance and payments are the patients responsibility .

Knowing this will help you to hopefully be better prepared for your first or next visit.

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