Why Mouth Breathing is NOT Normal!

Are you a mouth or nose breather?

Mouth breathing is not normal or healthy for your body.

How do you know if your a mouth breather? Do you have chapped lips? Do you wake up at night having the urge to go to the bathroom?
Is your mouth dry? Does it seem like you just can’t drink enough liquids? Do you use an inhaler for allergies and or asthma? These are all mild signs of mouth breathing.

Spend one day observing people and you will see what I mean. Its obvious most of the time when someone is mouth breathing. Some people do it while they are asleep.

Mouth breathing in the dental world dries out the mouth making you more prone to cavities.
In children it can lead to cavities, gum issues, they are possibly linking to ADD/ADHD due to sleep deprivation, crowding of teeth due to deep palate formation caused by the tongue and more likely need for braces$$.

If you have a beard then consider using lip glue, online sources like amazon can help. it needs to be a special lip glue meaning please DON’T use other things like superglue!

In adults, gum issues, cavities, failed dental work and much more. Electric toothbrush can help while you figure it out!

So what do you do? If your nose is stuffy all of the time and you just can not breathe through it during the day or night you may need to talk with your medical doctor to get your nose cleared up.
If you are able to breathe through your nose during the day but can not control it at night then you can do what I do.

Attending a seminar that covered this topic, I left feeling educated and also like they were a little crazy. Why? They recommended paper IV tape to tape my mouth shut while I slept. I panicked a little inside while I thought of all the graphic ways to die with your mouth taped shut at night. What if I had to cough? What if I had to sneeze?

I am a Expert at mouth breathing while I am asleep, so I started small with a piece of easy to remove IV tape and placed it up and down(from the top of my upper lip towards my chin) One thin small strip and then when I woke up the next morning I realized that I was breathing all around the tape!! I had to go bigger!

I use a 1 inch piece of tape from left to right across my lips every time I sleep or nap. These are my personal accounts, I sleep better, my teeth are not dry when I wake up! I have not died, not even once.

I no longer snore- so I am told in a very grateful tone. My morning breath is not as horrible as it once was, and my sinuses have cleared up almost to 90 percent clear all the time now.

Your nose has several filtration stages and your mouth is basically a direct shot for allergens to your lungs.

When you breathe through your nose the air is filtered much better leading to less breathing issues and allergy issues for many. Documented health studies available.

I use NEXCARE tape the BLUE stuff for sensitive skin an especially if you have facial hair like beard or a mustache I would recommend this one.

I also have the White Medium hold Nexcare tape that I bought by accident (it really seals you shut- be warned)

I tape every single night and take it when I travel as well. I love how much better I sleep and I know my teeth like it better, they have been less sensitive since I started mouth taping.

When we breathe through our mouth at night it dries our tongue, teeth and our throat out, our mouth is open and our tongue falls back towards are airway which for many of us creates a false sleep apnea effect. When the mouth is closed the tongue rests right behind the front teeth staying in a forward motion far from the throat allowing us to breath better.

My curious and NON-PROVEN side wonders how many cases of sleep apnea are miss diagnosed as sleep apnea when it really could just be mouth breathing?

Sleep Apnea is a real thing and please don’t hesitate to get it looked into. I would

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