Top 3 Reasons Why Your Teeth Are More Sensitive.

Have you noticed more teeth sensitivity lately? You are not alone!

REASON 1 If you have been using a sensitivity toothpaste and it’s not working anymore the first thing to check is the ingredients. It should have the active ingredient of POTASSIUM NITRATE.

Toothpaste companies are advertising sensitivity reduction but are using Stannous fluoride which has a different approach to tooth sensitivity reduction which can take a lot more time to work.

It May help some however many of our patients have been noticing it doesn’t work well for them, when they get back on POTASSIUM NITRATE they have a reduction in sensitivity. The mechanisms of action are different. Sensodyne was the original patent but now many others duplicate their potassium nitrate recipe.

I personally like the taste of Colgate Sensitive or of Arm and Hammer sensitive better but that’s personal opinion.

REASON 2 tooth sensitivity can be linked to eating more sugars this time of year, sugars turn into acids in the mouth and etch our enamel causing more sensitivity, just like diet soda and low ph drinks with lemon lime flavorings and carbonic acids like many of the fizzy waters.

REASON 3 Did you ever have braces? Do you brush too hard? Do you clench or grand your teeth, do you have sleep apnea? All of these can start gum recession which exposes the root surface of your tooth and is harder to keep comfortable with just a toothpaste.

BONUS REASON you may have a cavity starting and should see a dentist for an examination and further recommendations.

The number one way to minimize tooth sensitivity is to minimize all sugars, acids, and start using a sensitivity toothpaste with POTASSIUM NITRATE, if none of this helps after two weeks you should consult your dentist.

If you are really sensitive you can use a strong baking soda rinse 1-2 tsp baking soda to a cup of warm water and swish with it several times per day.

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