Water Infusion, Better Tasting Water, Friendly For Your Teeth!

Plain water is boring!

This is a complaint I get often! We are suppose to drink, drink, drink and stay hydrated but sometimes water just gets boring.

These infusers help change the water flavor to a more pleasant taste, they have minimal PH changes to the water vs carbonated sugar free drinks like LaCroix, or hydration drinks with sugars Gatorade, Soda, Diet soda has high acidity so it’s not the greatest choice either.

For your teeth they are sugar free, use all natural flavorings, no artificial sweeteners.

If water is boring to you try these instead, it will help avoid drastic ph changes in the mouth and aid in dry mouth symptoms.

This is one I recommend!

It also gives you a a little fun after you drop it in you can shake it off and on. Its your own flavor experiment!!

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