GOBY, my review of the electric toothbrush.

IMO- okay for healthy mouth, and early gingivitis, not recommended for gum disease and a high cavity risk.

9000 brush strokes per minute is pretty low in today’s standards of electrics but still better than nothing.

The design is unique, main downfall (pun intended) is it won’t stand up on its own due to it’s tapered design.

The round head is another challenge most people do not use it as it was intended so the cleaning capabilities drop more = less effective than others.


Battery life is 2 weeks, charger is usb

IMO I feel that other electrics in the same price range gave me a better clean and the clean lasted longer. While I Don’t like this brush for me, it might be right for you.

Goby starts at $50 for their basic brush and goes to $80 for their metallic one. Brush heads are $6 and are subscription based. While they offer a life time guarantee and free shipping it is my opinion this is more of a beginners brush.

If you have had a brush that does 28,000- 33,000 brush strokes per minute you will understand too.

Click here for products recommended page for items that I feel are the more effective and wallet friendly.

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