3 steps to winterize your teeth against sensitivity to cold.

Step 1 – most recommended by professionals is a sensitivity toothpaste. In my experience the ones with the active ingredient of POTASSIUM NITRATE desensitize the best for most people.

The original was Sensodyne, others can use their formula now since the patent is up.

There are a lot that advertise sensitive but make sure it has POTASSIUM NITRATE as the active ingredient.

Step 2 – reducing acidity in the mouth helps your saliva to use your body’s normal compounds to decrease sensitivity – pairing with cheese really helps, visit my food pairing article for more information on this.

Step 3 – swish with baking soda 1 tsp to 1 cup of water, this helps by boosting the ph as well. Swish for 30 seconds throughout the day and in a couple days you should notice a big difference.

Most dental office have a strong dentin blocker that they can place to decrease sensitivity as well if you need extra help.

If your a mouth breather your teeth will be more sensitive as well.

Do you clench and grind your teeth this will make them sensitive and sometimes is very difficult to reduce sensitivity’s.

As the temperatures drop in many areas people report more tooth aches due to sensitivity.

As you breath in the cold air you get a sharp zing that lasts for a few seconds then subsides.

This is from exposed root surfaces where your gums have receded away from the tooth.

The root surfaces are considered the second layer of the tooth and therefore are not as dense and protected from cold.

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