Pituitary Adenoma How It Can Affect Your Gums.

Pituitary adenomas are more commonly being diagnosed. They can directly effect your teeth and gums!

I personally have dealt with a pituitary adenoma for many years now.

Hormones cause all sorts of issues including gingivitis, gum disease and cavities.

When your body is fighting hormone changes it may not heal itself as quickly, also one of the side effects of the main medication used to treat adenomas is slow healing, if you have an adenoma get yourself an electric toothbrush ASAP, they really do help and I will explain why.

These adenomas mess with more than your ability to get pregnant, because they mess with a variety of hormones and for each of us it is different depending on where the Adenoma is pressing. This can cause gingivitis or worse gum disease if left untreated.

Medication can help but sometimes you are still just a little detached and a little depressed even.

All of these things make caring for yourself a little more difficult. When you are not feeling 100 percent your care of your self decreases as well.

Not to mention the hormones that control the collagen rebuilding of the gum tissues can be affected and many others.

An electric brush maximizes what you are able to do when you feel like doing it and the other times you just have to kind of push through and make yourself. (Fake it until you make it)

I can tell you that most likely you will have days that are good and days where you fake it, the good days are worth it.

TIPS to take care of yourself on the days you don’t want to? Well I do simple things like leaving floss picks through the house because when I feel lazy I don’t want to forget about taking care of me.

The mouth is so much more important than some realize and new research leads to that every day!

My electric toothbrush gives me the chance to veg out while I brush my teeth and it does a better job than when I am just not feeling up to it.

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