Using your Oral-B correctly? Get Oral-B tips here.

The brush was made to be used like our dental polisher however, the commercials show it being used on only the top sides of the teeth pressing down.

In reality it Should be half on the tooth and half on the gum line. It should be rocked from back to front around the tooth detailing every surface along the gum line.

Proper use of Oral-B

Finally it should be used to clean the top of the teeth as well. And then used to brush the tongue.

Always allow this brush to work for the full two minutes.

Oral-B toothbrushes require quite a bit of technique to work correctly. This is why I usually do NOT recommend them especially for those that have arthritis.

Brushing can be hard enough with arthritis, visit my products recommended page for items that are working for my clients giving them excellent results and easier dental check ups!


On the Oral-B website they actually do put how to properly use the brush in detail but it is well into the article.

They also recommend you to ask your dental professional for proper technique.

If your already one of my clients feel free to bring yours in with you and we will go over it in the office.