Healthy Gums

What do healthy gums look like? How do I know if my gums are healthy or sick?

Healthy gums should be a light coral pink color, they should hug the teeth tightly.

They should not bleed when you brush or floss.

In textbook healthy gums they look like they have thousand of tiny little pin pricks called stippling.

If your gums are rolled, swollen, sore to the touch, bleed either on their own or when you you brush and floss then you should get them checked.

The first thing to do From home is to brush 2-3 times per day gently and floss gently one time a day.

If it improves then you know you need to work on how often you clean your teeth and what your diet is (food pairing)

If it does not improve then you may need the help of a dental professional to get things back under control.