What your smile says about you.

Your smile can tell people if you are insecure, nervous, happy or sad and so much more.

When you are taking care of your teeth you are more likely to smile and exude confidence.

To feel better about yourself go and brush your teeth gently for 2-3 minutes, smile at yourself in the mirror and see how you feel! It should be better than before.

The mint in toothpaste also helps to boost our mood from the smell. It makes you feel a little more awake.

Do you have an interview? Practice smiling naturally in the mirror until it becomes easy.

Be happy with the person you see in the mirror and the person that interviews you will see your confidence as well.

Are you embarrassed by your teeth gums or breath? Read my other related articles on tackling those issues.

Use a set of whitening strips a few days before you need that confidence, whitening helps you to feel better just like smiling it is more of an endorphin boost because you see clean looking results when you smile at yourself!

Keep loving yourself and your smile and you will see it is contagious.

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