Sonicare Review

The Phillips sonicare website was willing to charge people $289.00 as an update they have dropped the brush to $199.00 and offer a link to get it online! This is a bottom line price for their diamond clean model. They now offer a subscription as well to compete in the market place. IMO as someone who has tried it for years and works in the dental industry this is still overpriced. Owning a good electric should be affordable and easy.

$199.00 that’s still a car payment price IMO and not an affordable option for homecare.

Now that we have that out of the way the diamond clean is a good brush, it has helped many of my clients who needed something to aid them.

That being said their lower price models are not giving the same results, my clients also notice they are not as effective as their diamond clean was. Also I am hearing complaints that they are just not lasting long. Most of them are wearing out just after the 1 year warranty and there may be an issue with the batteries as well (amazon reviews were big on this issue a few months ago)

Sonicare IMO needs to step up their game if they want to stay competitive in today’s market. I recommended them for years but just can not bring myself to promote them anymore.

I have replaced my sonicare with a different brand and as a consumer like you I paid less and still have quality in my new brush.