Sugar, carbohydrates, acids and tooth health!

Teeth care should be like a day at the beach. I personally like the Cayman Islands!

There is sugar in almost everything we eat these days. Sugars and carbohydrates = acid= tooth decay or gum disease.

Our cavity rate is higher than it needs to be. This is why dental professionals have started recommending electric toothbrushes over and over to our patients.

33,000 vibrations versus 1000-2000 brush strokes per minute manually.

Brushing habits are on the rise but mainly due to all the press about how the mouth and body are connected.

IF you watch what you eat and pair up your foods, minimize the sugars and acids in your diet and stick to meals vs snacking all day(unless healthy foods) then you too can probably go a lifetime with a manual toothbrush and some correct brushing techniques.

Are you getting negative reports at the dentist?Are you hearing you need magical fluoride treatments and deep cleanings that will cost you money you just can’t afford right now?

I have a large clientele that gets help from electric toothbrushes because they are unwilling to participate in food And habit changes.

When people smile it releases endorphins which make us feel better. If you don’t want to smile because you are afraid of bad breath you are cheating yourself.

Help yourself to be a better you!