You wake up and your tooth hurts. OUCH!! Tooth pain is one of the worst pains in the entire body. So why does your tooth hurt? It could be many things however most of the time it is because a cavity has made its way to the nerve of the tooth.

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Tooth pain from cavity

If you have excruciating tooth pain you should make an appointment with a dentist now. They can take an x-ray and do tests to locate the source of the pain.

Usually at this point it has started an abscess (infection) that is now trapped in the bone and killing tissue and bone to make room for itself to grow. This can even lead to death if it enters your blood stream or brain(yes it can happen and has and people have died from it)

This person had their teeth removed after having bad pain for several days. You can clearly see the dark decay spots that are cavities. They also started in the floss area where the toothbrush just couldn’t reach.

Happy flossing 🙂

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