Review of Quip electric toothbrush.

My overall opinion is – okay for already healthy mouth, not okay for those with gingivitis, gum disease or history of cavities. Read more below.

Bang for your buck??

It comes in at 15,000 brush strokes per minute working on a AAA battery. The vibration did not feel nearly as effective as other brands for the same cost I still did a lot of manual brushing which is not exactly the point of an electric IMO.

If you prefer to brush manually with a little vibration as a back up then this might be for you. You can find them online or at local retail for $25-$40. Another question is why is there such a big price difference in the same brush?

One of its best features is its small design, it would be great as a travel brush, in my personal opinion it did NOT give me the clean I was use to. It comes no where near my it actually!

Another point is the toothpaste that comes with this is IMO way too much, you only need a pea sized drop and unless you have a large family that is all sharing a tube your drawer would possibly fill up faster than you could use it.

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