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Clinically proven more effective. Latest results of testing 12/2019

My first impression of this brush was positive, it felt very much like my previous electric (high end) but It felt even better to me and I wasn’t sure why.

I had concerns. Were the bristles too soft? Is it going to clean as well as the previous top of the line?

It met and superseded all of my expectations. The part that is unique for me is the brush head design. Not to mention the savings this really is affordable care for everyone!

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I recommend it for anyone who has gingivitis, gum disease, a healthy mouth or anyone with existing medical conditions.

This is the design of the BURST brush head.
BURST Electric Toothbrush,
33,000, black, white, rose gold,
brush, heads, electric toothbrushes
check out those double bristles!!

My patients come back bragging about how clean it makes their teeth feel( this is important if I am going to recommend a product I want it to be excellent!)

It has two layers of bristles and this really cleans my gums nicely. The best way I can describe it is that is it feels like the bristles are poking and stimulating my gums in a positive way, they even feel like they get under my gums better the sonic action is at 33,000 vpm and you can feel that clean. My teeth feel freshly polished in a positive way just like I had a professional cleaning done.

The battery life is 4 weeks and I like not having to charge it up all the time.

This brush can be purchased for full retail at just $69.99 but you can use my discount and get it for 42% less!

The brush heads are subscription for $6. The company offers a lifetime warranty and always has free fast shipping. .

This brush has been a game changer for the electric tooth brush world IMO I would definitely buy it again and I recommend it highly.

I have now retired my competitor toothbrushes and will only use this one for my daily care. I bought an extra one just to use at work because they are affordable 🙂

I have been trying other brushes that my patients are curious about but at the end of the day this one always wins for me.

The best way I can put it is you just won’t understand until you yourself try it. The image at the top (left is my brush head after 3 months). (Right is my new replacement head before any uses).

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