#Pregnancy Gingivitis

It is important for you to take care of your gums during pregnancy. Why? You and baby share the same blood stream. We know that the bacteria in the mouth can travel body wide and known birth issues are correlated.

Pregnancy Gingivitis Prevention

Read on because this is all connected together .

Between the hormone fluctuations and the cravings listed below the gums start becoming tender and bleed more easily this is gingivitis caused by diet or lack thereof and hormones. You are tired a lot probably so your home care hasn’t been that good. Now is the time to consider a good electric toothbrush and to keep some floss picks handy to help your mouth.

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But what about the myth of the baby stole all the calcium from my teeth while I was pregnant and nursing.

I want to open your mind to helping prevent weak teeth after pregnancy. You are well aware of morning sickness and hormone changes, another common pregnancy issue is an acidic stomach causing acid reflux during pregnancy.

There are steps that you should take from the very beginning to prevent weakening of your teeth, advancement to gingivitis and prevention of gum disease which is actual bone loss of the bone that holds in your teeth and supports your gums natural height.

Crackers and clear soda have stood the test of time and will most likely be recommended since they help ease the feeling of nausea. While these are helpful they are very hard on your teeth and gums especially over a full pregnancy.

Crackers are carbohydrates which get turned into sugars which break down to become acidic which can cause gum disease and or cavities at an alarming rate.

Carbonated beverages are made with carbonic acid and if it is just plain carbonation water the PH is around a 5 (neutral is 7 and this is what we want). If you add flavoring or lemon lime strawberry etc it can drop the PH all the way down to 2.5 (way to low, causes problems)

Stomach acid is right there with battery acid as one of the lowest most acidic on the PH scale.

When you are nauseous and throw up you are coating your teeth with strong acids from your stomach. When you have acid reflux the gases are exiting from your throat and are carried past the teeth causing erosion and weekening from the tongue side of the mouth outward.


  1. If eating crackers rinse your mouth with water, pick them out of groves, floss and brush.
  2. Pair everything you eat with something basic, cheese is my favorite, but celery, cucumber, avocado, broccoli, cauliflower are all neutral ph foods as well Broccoli has the highest calcium for your teeth other than cheese, chew them good and long.
  3. Drink carbonic drinks through a straw, rinse with water after try food pairing if possible.
  4. If you have acid reflux speak with your doctor to see if they can recommend anything for you to take during pregnancy.
  5. Baking soda rinses 1tsp baking soda to 1 cup water swish for 30 seconds. You can do this throughout the day just don’t swallow it, it is too salty to be ingesting to much over time
  6. Throwing up? DON’T brush right after, try to swish with baking soda to neutralize the acids, if this is just to horrible at least rinse with water and try to chew some cheese even if you spit it out vs swallowing it, you are trying to get the cheese calcium and other properties like casein around your teeth.
  7. Too much cheese will constipate you in some cases when I say to use cheese it is 2-3 minutes of chewing exposure time with 2-4 small squares of cheese.
  8. You may have cravings, try to be aware of items like fruits with sugars, cookies and candies with sugars and pastries etc with carbohydrates.
  9. If you can handle the taste try a baking soda toothpaste during your pregnancy to help adjust mouth PH
  11. Baby’s teeth and care will be another article but once they have teeth no milk during sleep, milk has up to 12 grams of sugar per a one cup serving, it can rot their teeth (look up baby bottle syndrome)

Being conscious during your pregnancy will help save you time and money in dental care down the road.

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