420? Teeth care if you smoke or vape!

This picture shows stain, tartar build up, gingivitis, and early gum disease issues.

Certain strains of weed do cause dry mouth, they almost all cause MUNCHIES! When your mouth is dry it is more prone to cavities and gum issues. Your body uses Spit or Saliva to neutralize the PH in your mouth, when it is not able to then the bad guys win causing you to have either more cavities or gum disease, whichever you are more predisposed or prone to based a lot on your DNA.

WHAT CAN YOU DO? Drink plenty of plain water, use food pairing techniques and brush and floss more with good products and you will lessen your chance of problems.

If you look like the photo above you should get a cleaning before whitening because whitening alone will not remove tartar and stain, it only works on your teeth not what’s stuck to them.

Food pairing is simple, after you have the good stuff like frosty’s and french fries take a couple pieces of REAL CHEESE and chew them up really good in your teeth! This adjusts the PH in your mouth really fast.

Swish with water, floss those munchies out! Cheese is high in protein, low in sugar and provides calcium in the oral environment, chew it until it gets mushy, your teeth will love it! Helps to neutralize acids in the mouth!!

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